Do Deer Eat Zinnias? Exploring The Culinary Preferences Of Garden Visitors

do deer eat zinnias

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Do deer eat zinnias? Do you love zinnias but are afraid of animals who eat them? This would be a most concerning question for people living in North America. Should you plant these flowers in your garden? 

Let’s explore everything in detail.

Zinnia and Deers

Zinnia is one of the most popular bedding plants in the world. As they are vibrant and don’t need much maintenance, so beginners love to grow them in their gardens.

There are several varieties and colors of zinnia so you can choose the one according to your gardening space and preferences. 

Do Deer eat Zinnias?

The short answer is No! Deers don’t like the taste of zinnia flowers, so they won’t mess up if you’ve grown zinnia in your yard.

Zinnias are deer-resistant flowers, so there is no need to worry about the deer eating them.

A fun fact is that the zinnia flowers look beautiful yet don’t harm animals, including deer, dogs, and cats. 

They’re also safe for children.


Now, let’s explore how to keep animals out of your garden, including deer. 

Make The Patch Unattractive

The easiest thing you can do to protect plants from deer or other animals is to make the patch unattractive. Just do the opposite of what the culprit likes.

Don’t allow the piles of leaves or waste to provide space for the animals to hide behind. 

Use Fencing

do deer eat zinnias

Blocking access of animals to your garden is an effective way to protect your garden from them. There are several deer-proof fencing available in stores; you can buy the one for your garden. 

You can also use the net to cover plants for deterring deer from garden.

Use a Repellent

Applying an animal repellent with a strong, unpleasant smell can deter animals. You can use the most effective deer repellent spray to keep them away from your plants and garden.

Use plant Cages

Another way to save your plants from being eaten is to use plant cages to protect from deer or other animals.

Use Deer/Animal resistant plants

The easiest way to keep such animals away is to grow plants that are deer/animal resistant. Zinnia is one of them. 


This article covers whether deer eat zinnias or not. The simple answer is No! The deer do not like zinnia flowers, so that they won’t attack your garden of zinnias. There are a few tips that are given to keep animals out of your garden. You can follow any of them to protect your garden from animals, including deer.

If you’ve more questions related to ‘Do deer eat zinnias,’ go through the frequently asked questions given below:


Will deer eat my zinnias?

No! They won’t eat your zinnias as they don’t like zinnia flowers.

Do deer eat zinnias in pots?

No, deer don’t eat zinnias in pots. Additionally, if your zinnias are covered with a net or protected by a fence, no animal will attack them. 

What does a deer eat?

Deer eat crops, grass, vegetation, and nuts mostly.

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