Are Black Strawberries Real? Know the truth!

Black strawberries

Have you seen black strawberries? And want to try them?  And looking for whether they are real or not. You’re at the right place.

In this article, you will learn the truth behind these strawberries. Either they are real or scams. So, stick with me and read it to the end!


I know you’re curious about the truth behind black strawberries, so I am answering it initially.

Black strawberries do not exist in real. So, if you have ever seen them somewhere, that’s definitely a scam!

Now, let’s look back at the history and origin of these strawberries. It started twenty years ago when a scientist John Robertson made the first black strawberry out of resin and spray-painted it black.

So, its origin is not real, so how could it be produced now?


Black Strawberries

As I told you earlier, there’s no real origin or history of these strawberries, so how do the scammers show you strawberries that are black in color?

Basically, they got inspiration from the first fake black strawberry made, and now scam others by showing the black painted strawberries.

Or they might have dark purple strawberries that they show as black to make people fool. 

Black strawberry is usually confused with black raspberry. Black raspberry looks like a blackberry. The berries are not black; they are deep purple in color. 

So, black strawberries do not exist at all.

Never get into the trap of these scammers to buy black strawberry seeds. 

If you’ve bought seeds of black seed strawberries (by scam), it will take them one year to grow. So, this time is enough to forget to sue the seller for damages. 

So, how would you identify the seed scammers?

You will observe; usually, the scammers have a very narrow range of products (because they’re only scamming people). 

You should always look at the reviews before making any purchase. 

Do not just fall for the pictures, as they can easily be edited.

Another reason people are scammed and believe in it is because cherries, blackberries, and raspberries exist in real life, so they believe that black strawberries might also exist.


All strawberries taste sweet, so if you’ve confused purple strawberries with black, they taste sweet. 

If you’ve seen such strawberries, they must be painted or colored black with something else. And that is not healthy to eat.


Black Strawberries

If we talk about normal red strawberries, if they’ve turned black, this is because the fruit is rotten. 

If the strawberries have dark spots on them, this might be the result of a fungal infection. This is a common disease of strawberries and is difficult to detect as the fungus is present in plants or the soil.

The result of overwatering in strawberries makes the strawberries fragile and mushy. 

You can avoid this fungal attack by keeping the proper distance between the beds and avoiding over-watering them. 

In rainy seasons, cover the strawberry beds with straw mulch or cover.

Tip: If your strawberries have already started turning black, they might release slimy material. You should immediately remove the rotten strawberries. If the remaining start rotting, too, you must apply fungicide on the plants.


white, yellow, purple strawberries

There are four types of colors in strawberries: red, white, yellow, and purple. They all have similar shapes (broader from the top and narrower at the ends).

Let’s explore different varieties of strawberries a bit in detail.

White Strawberries

White strawberries belong to the Fragaria genus and have red seeds. They are sweet and sour in taste and have many subtypes. 

A pineberry variant is the commonly known white strawberry variety

Do you know? It includes Fragaria Vesca, which is the sweetest of the strawberry. It is also known as white soul and Alpine strawberry. 

White strawberries contain a very low protein Fragaria allergen that causes strawberry allergy.

So, if you are allergic to red strawberries, you may eat white ones as much as you want.

Red Strawberries

Red strawberries are the common types of strawberries that we all are familiar with. There are various subtypes of red strawberries that bear larger or smaller fruit. 

They are full of nutrients and have a sweet, sour taste. 

As red strawberries have the allergen Fragaria Vesca, they turn red.

Yellow Strawberries

Yellow strawberries are the rarest type of strawberries and are good in taste. One of the popular varieties of yellow strawberries is yellow wonder. 

They are very fragile and are served in fine restaurants only.

Purple Strawberries

You might not have seen purple strawberries because they’re the new variant and a result of the breeding program at Cornell University. 

They are dark and have pleasant aroma and taste. You cannot grow them from seeds as they result from inbreeding.

You may confuse them and call them black strawberries if they are darker. But these strawberries do not exist.


This article covers the answer to ‘Are black strawberries real? No- these strawberries do not exist in real. If you have seen strawberry black in color, you have been scammed. 

If someone ever shows you a strawberry with black seeds, you must never believe it! As they’re not real. 

As the strawberry takes a long time to grow, scammers trap people by saying that they’ll grow into black strawberry, but actually, they are of red or white strawberry seeds. 

The article also covers why strawberries turn black and how to prevent that.

It also sheds light on other types of strawberries in white, yellow, and purple colors. 

Have you got more questions related to ‘Are black strawberries real?’ Here’re the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. 


Can you eat strawberries with black seeds?

Strawberries with darker seeds ripen, and you should eat them immediately. But black strawberries with black seeds do not exist in real.

Which one is the darkest strawberry found?

Purple strawberries are the darkest ones found now.

What are black strawberries?

They are nothing; they don’t exist. They are mistaken for purple strawberries.

How many colors of strawberries are there?

There are four strawberry colors: white, yellow, red, and purple. 

Why are strawberry seeds black?

The seeds that cover the strawberry are the fruits formed from the separated carpels of a single flower.

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