How to take frangipani cuttings. #1 Ultimate Step By Step Guide

frangipani cuttings

Frangipani trees (genus Plumeria) are cultivated from frangipani cuttings as ornamental in bit warmer climates. They possess beautiful fragrant flowers and are easy to grow from cuttings. 

If you are also one of many those who love frangipani trees and their attractive flowers, you might be looking for how to propagate them. 

This article covers how to easily use frangipani cuttings to grow mature trees in your garden. So, read through it to know more!


  1. Remove Old wood

Cutting should be taken from an old stem, so choose that first. Take 40 to 50 cm cutting after ensuring the base is old wood. 

Do you know? Late spring to early summer is the best time to take frangipani cutting for propagation. 

  1. Let the cutting rest.

After taking a cutting, let it rest for a few weeks until it dries out completely. Make sure to remove the leaves before placing them in full sun.

  1. Prepare the soil

Frangipanis like well-drained sandy soils to grow in. Try to avoid putting frangipanis cuttings in soil that gets bogged down easily. 

  1. Plant the frangipani cuttings.

When the area around the wound swells, place the cutting into the pots, one per pot. Water once a week is fine until the cutting starts forming roots. 

When you notice the roots have formed, transfer the cutting to its permanent place and gently tap the sand around it. 


frangipani cuttings

The beautiful fragrant frangipani tree blooms flowers for months, making it more attractive than other flowering trees. It is easy to care for and produces multi-colored flowers.

Water the frangipani cuttings once every week during the summers. And you may skip watering during the winters. 

Keep the cutting warm to grow it well, and apply high-potassium fertilizer when the tree matures.


  • Frangipani tree flowers are used in perfumes due to their pleasant fragrance.
  • Although frangipanis are commonly known as Singapore, they originally belonged to Colombia. 
  • Frangipani is considered sacred in Laos and is found in the countryside everywhere.
  • The fragrance of the frangipanis is amplified when they are picked.
  • They never burn out except the extreme temperatures, i.e., 500 degrees.


Can you plant a frangipani cutting straight into the ground?

It is better to plant the cutting into the pot first. Once it starts forming roots, you may transfer it to the ground.

How big can a frangipani cutting be?

Frangipanis cuttings can be of any size from 30cm to 3 meters.

How long do frangipani trees live?

A healthy frangipani tree can live up to 40 to 50 years.

Can I place Frangipani cutting in water to propagate?

Yes, you may place it in water to propagate, but there are better methods than this, as the cutting can rot easily.

How deep to plant frangipani cuttings?

Planting the cutting 3 to 5cm deep is fine.


This article covers how to take frangipani cuttings in 4 easy steps. First, remove the old wood, then let the cutting rest for a few weeks. Now prepare the soil and plant the frangipani cuttings. Once the roots are formed, transfer them to their permanent place.

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