A Guide to 7 Gorgeous Flowers That Look Like Birds

Flowers are a source of the ultimate beauty of your garden. You may never imagine a garden without flowers. Many people opt for unique flowers that give a different look to their garden. In nature, there are some flowers that look like birds. Yes, you heard that right, the flower birds. These are not birds, but they are made to give a glimpse of some bird. Today, in this article, we will look at some of those flowers that look like birds. Let’s check them out!

Bird of Paradise 

Bird of paradise

The first on our list of flowers that look like birds is Strelitzia reginae.

Plants native to South Africa include the bird of paradise. The Crane flower is also referred to as the plant. There are only one species of Strelitzia in the genus Bird of Paradise, which is a member of the family Strelitziaceae.

It grows between one and three meters high and is an evergreen perennial. A rosette of large, leathery leaves is arranged at the base of this plant, which is set in the form of a rosette.

Yulan Magnolias

Yulan Mangolias

As a species native to China, we have here what is known as Yulan Magnolias, also known as Lily Trees, Magnolia Denudata, and Sweet Magnolias. It fulfils the definition of flowers that looks like birds.

Very few trees or shrubs bear flowers as striking as the Yulan Magnolia, a small tree or shrub. 

At first glance, Yulan Magnolia looks nothing like a bird, which might make you wonder if it is an actual bird. However, if you pay close attention to this flower, you won’t be able to miss the bird that is sitting on a branch in the centre. 

As well as producing large upright cup-shaped flowers, this plant also has a tiny bird-like appearance before it blooms, making it a contender for our plants that look like birds.

There is a good chance this is the first Magnolia cultivated around forty centuries ago. It is renowned for its stunning, pure white flowers, making the Yulan Magnolia a popular choice. 

Bird’s Mouth Orchid 

Bird’s Mouth Orchid

The next on our list of plants that look like birds are orthoceras strictum.

A few species of orchids are native to the western United States and bloom in the months of May to July. White flowers with purple veins and a yellow throat can be found on this plant. Bird’s beak-shaped petals give the flowers their name.

 Due to the way the flowers are arranged on the stem, the specific epithet, strictum, is derived from Latin for “straight” or “upright.”.

There are about 60 species of orchids in the Orthoceras genus, including the Bird’s Mouth Orchid. North America, Europe, and Asia have temperate zones where these plants grow.

Bird’s Mouth Orchid flowers attract bees that pollinate them by their shape and colour. Pollen is transferred from one flower to another by bees collecting nectar from flowers.

Bird’s Head Orchid 

Bird’s Head Orchid

In addition to Bird Head Orchid, Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) is another name for it. Plants from Southeast Asia are native to this region. This plant was very expensive and rare in the past because it is very hard to grow from seed.

The Birds Head Orchid is no longer rare nowadays, as it is now regarded as one of the most popular flower plants worldwide.

A dove descending is an interesting thing you will notice if you look closely at this flower. Interestingly, the flowers resemble a bird’s head and a moth.

The head of the bird guards the nectar of this plant, which appears as a flying moth from a distance.

There are many ways in which this orchid can be grown, including growing it inside on a window sill or ledge on a sunny day. The plant is easy to grow and has a super-strong root system that can bloom throughout the year. 

In its natural habitat, the plant thrives in temperatures between 68°F and 95°F. Its temperature range of 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit makes it suitable for many environments.

A high humidity level of 60% to 70% is also needed for Bird Head Orchids to thrive. While they tolerate low humidity levels indoors, they can adapt very easily.

Watering Bird Head Orchids can cause root rot, even though they need heavy watering.

White Egret Flower

White Egret Flower

In Korea, China, and Russia, this bird-like orchid is known as the Fringed orchid or sagiso. It is also included in the category of flowers that look like birds. White egrets spreading their fluffy wings before taking off are depicted by the fringed petals on the petals. There’s nothing more beautiful or delicate than this gorgeous orchid, which has a splash of white feathers on its long neck and features a lovely image of a flying egret. 

Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower

Parrot Palms, also known as Parrot Balsams, are botanicals like Impatiens Psittacina and flowers that look like birds. The name comes from its resemblance to a parrot. The plant was initially described as looking like a flying cockatoo when Joseph Dalton Hooker discovered it.

There is no doubt that the Parrot Flower is one of the most beautiful flowers around. Thai and some regions of the Indian subcontinent are the native habitats of this plant.

Western Bearded Greenhood

Western Bearded Greenhood

Lastly, we recommend the Western Bearded Greenhood as an example of a plant that looks like a bird.

Pterostylis Barbata is a native Australian plant known as Western Bearded Greenhood. Usually growing in small clumps and dense leaves littered with Casuarinas, it thrives in forests and woodlands. There is a high population of Western Bearded Greenhood in the Darling Range near Perth, normally found between Albany and Bindoon. There are five biogeographic regions where it occurs, including the Warren Biogeographic Region, the Swan Coastal Plain, Jarrah Forest, the Esperance Plains, and the Avon Wheatbelt. 

At the bottom, it is adorned with a rosette of leaves. The base of the plant bears a translucent white flower. The flower resembles a bird perched on a stalk because of its dark green markings. 

There is a tuber under the ground that is a perennial, deciduous herb. Two inches long and 0.5-inch wide dark green leaves with pale areas. Each flower is 3 inches long and 0.6 inches wide, with a stem that stands 10 inches tall.

Bottom Line

If you are eager to grow flowers that look like birds, then you must be aware of their climatic conditions. Out of the above list, you can choose to produce any plants that look like birds. However, the next time you see a bird sitting on a tree branch, ensure it is a bird and not the flowers shaped like birds. To know more about gardening follow us!