Storing Lawn Mower Outside: 5 Ultimate Things You Need To Know

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A lawnmower is one of the essential gardening tools you need to tidy up your garden. Made with sharp and thin iron plates, it is used to mow grass and plants. Lawnmowers are not cheap, so many gardeners are worried about storing lawn mower outside. The ideal case is that you have a shed in your garden or yard, and you can store it there. But that’s not the case with all gardeners. If you’re looking for how to store a lawn mower outside? Or how to store it without a shed, this article is for you.

Let’s dive in!

Storing Lawn Mower Outside

If you are looking for a quick answer, here it is: You can store your lawn mower outside using the waterproof cover, plastic storage bag, or box. But this is only feasible for short-term storage. For long-term storage, you would need to maintain it properly.

If you’re looking for a detailed answer and want to know how to store the lawn mower outside for the long term without a shed, read through the article and get to know!

In Which Weather Can I Leave My Lawn Mower Outside?

lawn mower

As the lawn mower is used outside, so leaving lawn mower outside for a while won’t damage it. But if left out for a longer time, it may wear out your mower earlier than usual. Other factors, including weather conditions, also play a part in deteriorating your lawn mower.

Let’s take a deeper look at each of the weather conditions one by one.

Can I Leave the Lawn Mower Out In The Sun?

storing lawn mower outside can ruin its shape. You are not recommended to leave your lawn mower in the sun. However, if placed for a short while, it won’t damage the mower. This is because lawnmowers are designed to be used in all weather to mow grass and plants. But if you leave it outside for longer during hot temperatures, heat can affect the plastic part of the lawn mower, making it brittle or damaged faster than it would otherwise.

If you use a gasoline lawn mower and are worried about storing it outside, let me tell you, it’s not dangerous. Because gas tank releases gas vapors, they are designed to work in hot environments. 

Can I Leave My Lawn Mower Outside In The Rain?

Of course, no one would leave the lawn mower intentionally out in the rain. But sometimes, we do it accidentally. Lawnmowers are to be used roughly, and they also get wet when you mow plants or grass if the plant or grass was wet.

Sometimes, the lawn mower outside storage also makes it get wet due to morning dew. So, leaving it out a few times won’t damage it much, but continually leaving it in the rain can. Also, raindrops won’t damage it, but you should avoid situations where it can get soaked in the water completely.

Lawn mower wheels, push handles, and deck are not sensitive and can only get slightly rust if exposed to rain. But the air filter, spark plug, and carburetor are sensitive and should not get wet often.

Will My Lawn Mower Rust If I Leave It Outside?

A lawn mower is composed of metal and plastic parts. Now, the new mowers come with a powder coating that prevents their sensitive parts from rusting. But, if the paint is chipped off from the mower, it is advisable to paint the exposed part before storing lawn mower outside.

The blades cannot be covered, so they can get rust when exposed to water or rain again and again.

If you decide to cover the lawn mower with plastic wrap, even then, the blades can get rusted. So, a good idea would be to apply the rust-resistant liquid on the blades to prevent rusting.

How to Store Lawn Mower Outside?

Storing Lawn Mower Outside

Here’s the preventive part i.e., storing lawn mower outside without a shed. If you don’t have any proper place to store your lawn mower in your yard, decide whether you want to store it for a few days/weeks for months or an entire season.

As winter is going to start, please do not leave your lawn mower out in the cold. It can be damaging for your mower. So, here are the ways for storing lawn mower outside without a shed.

Routine storage

Using your lawn mower regularly (every one or two weeks) will be a routine or short-term storage. The engine of the mower will not get dried at this time.

You can use a waterproof covering to store it and place it under a shade for more protection. You can also go for a plastic box for lawn mower outside storage.

Long-term storage

You should consider a few more things if you want to store your lawn mower for a more extended period.

If you use a gas-powered lawn mower, ensure all the gas has drained. Similarly, all the oil should be drained from the oil-powered lawn mower.

Clear the sparks to avoid any uncertain situations.

You can remove the blades and store them somewhere else where they stay protected from moisture.

Clear the mower by removing any leaves or grass pieces left inside.

After cleaning, fill the lawn mower with gas or oil and use it for a few minutes.

Now, it’s ready to be stored for an entire season. Also, make sure the plastic/waterproof covering is breathable.

Also, open the lawn mower occasionally to allow any humidity to evaporate.

Wrap up!

Not exposing your lawn mower to rain, sun, or cold for more extended periods is recommended. Because it can make it get rust or the parts of the mower will start getting brittle. If you do not have a shed for storing lawn mower outside, you can use a protective covering or a waterproof sheet. If you’re storing it for a short period, there is no need to deep clean it. But if you’re going for seasonal storage, you should clean it properly and drain all the oil or gas before storing it.

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